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CIM Hosted Form issues in IE 11

We discovered this past week that the CIM Hosted Form isn't working properly in our web app on IE 11 on Windows 7 or 8.1: form elements immediately lose focus as soon as gaining focus. For example, if I click in the Card Number field, the cursor will flash once in the field, but then it will disappear and I can't type anything. The Cancel and Save buttons do appear to be working properly. We've tested in IE 10 and earlier as well as various versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (including the latest of each) and have had no difficulties. We're also not having any difficulties elsewhere in our app, just in the Hosted Form. We're not getting any error/exception messages.


Has anyone else experienced CIM Hosted Form issues in IE 11? If so, did you find a fix?






I set up a Windows 8.1 instance with Internet Explorer 11 and I'm afraid that I wasn't able to reproduce the issue that you are describing.  The only thought that I have is that maybe IE11 is doing something else on your page that is indirectly affecting the hosted forms. Perhaps it is stacking items on the page in a different order so that when you try to click in the hosted form you are actually clicking on something else.


I would recommend opening up the developer console and using the inspector to see where the mouse and keyboard focus is going when you try to click on the form.

Administrator Administrator

We are having the exact same issue with IE 11 and the hosted form.