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CIM Hosted Payment Form

I am using CIM, and after reading the guide i see that i can post a form to the following URLs with the token


 Manage Profiles—
 Add Payment Profile—
 Add Shipping Profile—
 Edit Payment Profile—
 Edit Shipping Profile—


What i want to achieve is somewhat achieved by posting the form to - meaning , it shows me a Credit Card Form, where the user can enter CC Details. But i don't want to show eCheck as an option , nor do i want to show the Billing Address Fields , i already have the Billing Information during the checkout flow. How do i achieve this ?


Secondly , apart from capturing Payment Profile - i also want to charge the customer in the same API Call or another API Call and want to get the response redirected to a page that i can control . Currently , after entering Credit Card Info, and hitting the save button - it redirects to a Default Auth.Net Page , where i have to hit the button, and then it redirects me to the Page i want to be redirected to ? How do i achieve this ?




Hi kpatodia,


There are multiple questions here, I've broken them down into three main points.


  • 1) It is not possible to hide the billing information fields.


  • 2) eCheck or bank account option will always show if it’s an available payment option on your Authorize.Net Payment gateway account. The eCheck Service can be disabled on our end at the Account level. If you are using a sandbox account please email us at with your Payment Gateway ID. If this is a production account, please contact  Customer Support at 877-447-3938.


  • 3) You can use the iFrameCommunicator to detect when the save button is clicked and then close the popup. You would then have to query the profile to get the payment profile ID and charge it.




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