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CIM Payment and multiple payment processors

Our company processes credit cards through Authorize, but we have 2 different processors, we are switching from directly sending the card to the processor for every transaction to creating a customer profile with the CIM, and sending a customer id and a pament id to create a transaction.


Currently we select the last number of the member id (not the authorize customer id), and send evens to processor A and odds to processor B. With our current system it is easy to do because we have the card information, but switching to CIM is where I am lost.


So to my question:


When creating a customer profile and payment profile, is that unique to the processor, or is that unique to authorize as a whole? From time to time, we add/remove processors, and some users start processing through a different processor, because of the way we need to change handleing users. When that happens, will I still be able to use the same customer id and payment profile id?


What solutions does anyone know of that will allow me to create a customer and have it be useable with all processors?


CIM is a product from, and it only work with

None. They are different company. there isn't a "shared" data.


Okay, but can I use the same customer id and payment id on multiple processors?

We might be using different term on something. see talk to the processor. You don't directly work with any of them.

If this is the processor that you are talking about then yes, CIM can work with any of them because the credit card info are saved in

Yes it is possible our terms are different, but currently we work with 2 processors: PowerPay and PayWorld, they handle all of our transactions, for each one we have different login credentials. We want to continue to use these two, so when we use the CIM to save I am assuming it doesn't get save to a specific one from what you are saying it is saved to our authorize account. Is that correct?


If so, then how do we tell PowerPay to process odd members and PayWorld to process even members?

As far as I know, the only limit is to CIM profile are only valid for the 1 merchant account. Can't be share between multiple merchant accounts.