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CIM: Submitting an unlinked credit

Can I submit an unlinked credit through CIM, or do I need to use AIM for that?


If I can do it through CIM, I guess I would use CreateCustomerProfileTransaction with profileTransRefund, but that looks like it's intended for a refund linked to a specific previous transaction.  How would I submit an unlinked credit through CIM?


If I can't do it through CIM, I would have to do it through AIM.  But I don't believe CIM allows me to get the full credit card number in order to make the AIM call.  (We don't intend to store credit card numbers, ourselves.)  Any ideas on how I would execute an unlinked credit in this case?


I have a test account.  Do I need to request that the test account allow unlinked credits or is it enabled by default?   If I must request it, would I use the same form as for a real account?


It is not possible to submit an unlinked credit using CIM. You would need to use AIM to submit any unlinked credit, and ask your customer to supply their credit card number at the time of transaction submission.


Unlinked credits (ECC - Expanded Credit Capabilities) are enabled by default within our test environment, but they are not enabled within our production environment due to the obvious risk involved with allowing this type of transaction to process through your account.





Trusted Contributor
Trusted Contributor

It is possible to submit an unlinked credit via CIM.  You need to specify values for the following 5 fields for the



  • amount
  • customerProfileId
  • customerProfileIdSpecified
  • customerPaymentProfileId
  • customerPaymentProfileIdSpecified


Until I figured out that the customerProfileIdSpecified and customerPaymentProfileIdSpecified values needed to be set (to true), all of my unlinked credit transactions were failing.