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CIM - Urgent Help needed

We are implementing CIM but we are not saving anything (profile ids) we are treating each checkout as a guest checkout.

We are creating Customer profile and Customer Payment Profile for every single transaction, however, we noticed that for same customer, it starts to fail on their next transaction as the customer already exist from and this starts to break the code and we get an error stating the id exists.

So my question is how do others handle this situation? we need the token to be usable down stream for a possible reauth and charge at a later date so how can this be handled? This is super urgent.

Also we thought maybe we can delete the profile after the auth and order is placed but then can th etoken sitill be used downstream at a later date to re-auth if needed and mainly charge the card?

Please help on how others have dealt with this scenario?


The purpose behind the CIM model is to retain customer information for the future. For each customer, we store their customer profile id associated to their "account" so we can reuse accordingly in the future. Then we can determine whether we need to create a profile or not.