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CIM and Aim usage together questions?


If I have a Website using AIM to Authorize.Net for pqyments.  If in the office I have a CIM interface to Authorize.Net. Can I use the same Merchant Account and Authorize.Net account to process both type of transactions?  Can I  credit an AIM payment using my CIM interface if I know the transaction ID and last four numbers  of the credit card?



As long as they are for the same account you can you any of the their API.

You can credit an AIM payment in CIM if and only if you also have their Customer profile ID and Payment profile ID for CIM.


I have a similar problem.


I have about 100 transactions through AIM.


Now today i am removing AIM and Adding CIM.


So with CIM can i refund or void those 100 transactions? If i have manually created customer profile ID of those 100 customers?