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CIM and Mobile Website Annoying - Auto zoom in ruining customer experience

We're working on a CIM integration with a mobile website.  The problem is we cannot (for obvious reasons) control the iframe contents.  The issue is when you use CIM on a mobile site with the iframe integration, everything looks fine until you click into one of the text boxes.  This causes your mobile phone to zoom in leaving it hard to scroll or see anything else since the iframe isn't responsive or mobile friendly to begin with.


We've tried to get to put some viewport type fixes in so it doesn't auto zoom but I don't think I'm connecting to the right people. 


Truely the CIM iframe should just be responsive and work better for mobile websites.  It shouldn't be too hard for them to do.


Any one else run into this or find a fix?




Hello BCSE,


Currently the CIM hosted payment form is not responsive.  It's on our list of product enhancements for future releases, but I don't have any information on a release date.


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Administrator Administrator

Richard, the SIM hosted form is also not responsive. Is this on your list of enhancements as well? It ruins the consistency of the site when the user gets to that one page and has to zoom to enter information.


Thanks for the answer.  For some reason the 'subscribe' option though is greyed out for us.


I'll let our client know.  They probably will be disappointed though.  We didn't expect this to be a stumbling block.







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Any updates on when a fix for this might be available?


Currently, we are having to use css media queries to hide the payment option for mobile users (and offering only payments with PayPal). Otherwise, we will lose sales because mobile users will become frustrated and leave if they try to use the CIM checkout form.


We would love to give the option for mobile users on our site to pay with, instead of just PayPal. Thanks for any updates!