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CIM card expiration date

On ‎09-09-2013 RichardH wrote:

I've noted your request to enhance our API to return the credit cart expiration date and forwarded it to our product management team for consideration in a future release.  I would suggest subscribing to this topic to be notified if there are updates.


The thread appears to be locked now and the API manual has been updated to no longer include the screen shots that show the Hosted CIM form displaying the expiration date next to the masked card number. The issue has caused friction for us since day one and has become a selling point of alternate providers. We tried making a last-ditch effort and reaching out to Authorize.Net support. They said:


Andre M: You can look up the expiration dates.
Andre M: Click Tools from the main toolbar.
Andre M: Then click Customer Information manager from the left side menu.
Andre M: You can find them here.
Andre M: Or use the Customer Information Manager API.      


I tested and am still getting a masked value back so this is not true.


Please stop masking the expiration date or if it makes someone feel better about not having them both in the same return, provide a different API call to return just the unmasked expiration date so it is no longer delivered with the masked card account number.


I for one cannot understand the logic that says it is OK to display them together in the merchant portal and in one (but only one) form of the Hosted CIM form but not show it in other versions of the hosted form and not send it back in CIM. Let us decide if we want it or not and give us a call to get it.


Thank you


@crojac Where is the 'Advanced Search' you are referring to? Is that in the CIM API (not finding it) or in the Merchant web interface? Is there a way to do this programatically?




@jlanawalt, I think @crojac is referring to the merchant interface web page. Far as I know, there is no programatic search capability with the CIM API. This is another of my top-most-wanted-features.


So scripting that search form on the merchant interface (if even possible), then scraping the results, would give us close to what we want... but it sure would be messy. Wondering if it would violate any terms-of-service... anyone?