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CIM down

When I try to curl into the following URL ""


it doesn't return a response after 45 seconds. I believe that the API is down. Is anyone able to reproduce the issue? 





Yep. I was just coming on to post about this. For me, it's been down since 9:01 PM EST. At first, I couldn't log into my account and I couldn't put through any transactions even without CIM. Now, those seem to be fixed, but I'm still getting the 45 second timeout for the CIM API.


It's incredibly frustrating that there is absolutely no accountability on the part of for any of this. I've been on hold for about 30 mins, and I fully expect to talk with someone who has no idea what is happening. However, I had no choice because I wanted to make sure that they didn't forget to solve this problem before the IT staff goes home for the night. What's worse is that there are no legitimate alternatives on the internet to safely and reliably store customer information. So we have no choice but to stick with's garbage CIM system.


By the way, I think this has been at least the 5th time within the last 12 months that CIM has gone down. While I don't expect 100% uptime, it's outrageous that there's not even a notification system for when the payments system goes down and no description of what has happened or an ETA on uptime. I spend a lot of money per day on pay per click advertising, and it's disgraceful that I have to track the API response address with my own Pingdom account in order to figure out when the system is down. If anybody from is reading this, all we want is accountability and transparency. Tell us what is going on so we can take action on our end and prevent ourselves from losing our shirts on wasted ad spending.

I totally understand your frustration and I feel the very same. I think ANET should finally come to the conclusion that they need to AT LEAST LET US KNOW when something is broken. 


I would be implementing PayPal next week and get done with it. They have something like CIM. 

It was particularly frustrating for Authorize.Net to sound the all-clear about an hour before the issues with CIM cleared up. Can definitely tell where the priorities lie, so much for tokenization


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Ran into this issue last night as well.  Would be nice if there was some place we could see updates on issues like this.


npiasecki - what do you mean by "frustrating for Authorize.Net to sound the all-clear about an hour before the issues with CIM cleared up"? Is there some place they "sounded the all-clear"?

They posted it on Twitter and on their Facebook page about 90 minutes before the CIM issue was resolved according to my monitoring at Pingdom.


<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>The issue has been resolved, and transactions should now be processing normally. We apologize for the disruption.</p>&mdash; Authorize.Net (@AuthorizeNet) <a href="">January 3, 2015</a></blockquote>
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