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CIM - get list of transactions for payment history

In CIM, I don't see any functions for returning transaction history but was wondering if something like this exists currently? We could keep track of payment history ourselves but I just wanted to check if there are alternatives that other people have found out. I believe there aren't any PCI complications with storing the amount and date a transaction takes place.


Also, I created a form that makes sure all the fields are valid before the form is submitted but for rare occurances I assume it could still fail (they pay and then cancel their card an hour or so later). Would it be possible to show a payment as pending until it's confimed that it processes completely? I've been looking through the documentation but I don't see anything that references looking up transactions.




Sure, it's called the Transaction Details API:


There's probably a way to figure out if a transaction has settled or not, but I wouldn't advise holding delivery of your product or service until then. People are more likely to just dispute the charge by claiming someone else did it, and the dispute can happen any time in the next 90 days. My brother's been jacked several times by foreigners doing that, Paypal just says "sorry, they're European banks and we can't do anything about it" You either don't serve to people outside the US, or you absorb the damage as the cost of doing business.