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Recorded Developer Webinars Pinned

Please find the links of our recorded developer Webinars Simplify PCI Compliance with Authorize.Net Accept Learn about Authorize.Net API Integration with OAuth 2.0 Creating Automated Workflows Using Authorize.Net Webhooks Thanks Anurag


API / Features documentation Pinned

Use the features you want to build the payment solution you need. You'll be up and running in minutes. Features : SDKS : API reference :


Use Try It Tab for testing APIs on sandbox Pinned

You can test APIs from our Try it Tab in API reference on sandbox without signup Click on the Try it tab and click send .


Use Testing Guide for Specific Transaction Responses Pinned

Using the Testing Guide, developers can trigger specific transaction responses in the sandbox including approvals, declines, errors, as well as AVS and Card Code responses. If you have questions or comments, please use this thread.

AVS zip mismatch with Canadian credit cards Locked

Hi, We usually get an AVS mismatch on the zip code when submitting credit cards from Canada. Our sales reps end up trying different spacing and combination of letters to try to get it to authorize. Mostly this doesn't work. Does anyone have a high su...

Relay Response (SIM) Solved Locked

I know there are a number of threads open in regards to SIM and the relay response URL, but since those seem to be resolved and I don't see where they resolved it, I thought I'd try a new thread. I am having a problem getting the relay response URL t...

Verify Card Information WITHOUT pending transactions Solved Locked

I've seen a couple topics that talk about this but the answers in them were fairly unclear and unsatisfying.

Submitting Split Tender Transactions

When submitting a second, third, fourth, etc, payment for a split tendered transaction, are we to submit the split tender ID returned from the first split tendered payment for every subsequent payment? Or do we use the split tender ID returned from t...


CVV Not working Locked

Hi, I'm a new member and I'm working on setting up my shopping cart. An customer support representative suggested I read/post questions here. I can not get my CVV to work properly. At this time I've made three transaction which I do see...

Itemized order info with AIM Solved

Hi all,We're having a problem with the itemized order info using the AIM method. On page 22 of the AIM developer guide is a snippet of sample code - we have copied this snippet into our test page and it always results in an error (code 270: Line item...


SIM and Recurring Billing Solved

Hi, We have a client who wants to integrate a payment system to allow customers to purchase their application. We have decided to use API for development. Can anyone advise as to which is the best suited integration method.Our criteria ...


Virtual Terminal not calculating the MD5 Hash the same as API calls

I'm having trouble figuring out how AuthNet calculates the MD5 hash for virtual terminal transactions - it appears to use a different formula. In the trace output below I captured debug information on the silent post notifications for an API call and...

CIM createCustomerProfileTransactionRequest Locked

I have given the value of "true"true if it is creating the recurring . where is the option to provide other details liketotaloccurences,startDate,period like (monthly or 1month),amount,card details. In CIM.

ARB with update pricing from my website Locked

Hi, I Am planning to implement auto recurring billing(ARB) to my website clients. I am able to do the auto mated recurring account but I am struggling with updating the subscription from my web site. i.e If I want to update the recurring amount from ...

Trusted Contributor

Authorize.Net ARB Client Emails

Does anyone have a running list of ARB Client notification emails sent after an order is approved or declined? Thanks!


Unable to get CVV Response, even while using AIM Example Solved Locked

I've completed a fully functional (successful live charges) AIM environment with AVS responses, but never any CVV responses. My account settings for transaction version are set to 3.1, testing mode is OFF, and checked ON all CVV settings. I've verifi...


Setting up ARB using ASP Classic Solved

Does anyone know of any resources to get help setting up ARB using ASP Classic? I keep getting errors regarding the XML submission. The latest error is "Invalid at the top level of the document. Error processing resource..." I am fairly confident tha...

Almost ready to launch SIM - What do I need to test?

I have been using a SIM test account and have everything working as planned. I am almost ready to launch the site, but what should I test before doing so? I am going to generate my transaction key and test my site on the actual account using ...

Help with MS Access API

Hi, I'm new to this and need a way to connect to from MS Access. Can anyone point me to some informaion or sample code for VBA? Thanks,Jason

Can't validate or charge VISA or DISCOVER Cards using CIM

I am having the following problem and getting very little help from my MSP or when I call in. Here's is what I know: Background: Using CIM to store payment profiles. Everything works fine on Using soap calls. When...

To Test ARB Cancellation Locked

I would like to test the subscription cancellation. If I use my live account and set X_test_request =TRUE will I be able to test the ARB Subscription & Cancellation.Does Cancellation send response to Slient Post URL.If so ,what parameter should i loo...


AIM Credit Card Type?

Hi! I've got a "problem"... shouldn't credit card type be required or something in an AIM transaction? From the sample codes, there credit card type is not used or sent in the request... Nor in the AIM Developer Guide...Or is it used just for credit ...

Merchant Email Receipt Locked

I am receiving a "Merchant Email Receipt" for each transaction and would like to turn this off. I've looked under the Account Settings tab and the only thing there is the receipt for the customer. Did I mess a setting somewhere? I can't find it. Than...

Testing eCheck Unsuccessful Locked

Hello, I have been trying to do an eCheck test transaction and have been unsuccessful. I tried the solution offered here: routing number, rand...


Very basic setup returning invalid merchant ID or password Solved

I'm starting out by trying to get a successful connection to "" ". "" . $g_loginname . "". "" . $g_transactionkey . "". ""; } function send_request_via_curl($host,$path,$content) { $posturl = "https://te...


Test mode and Test account Solved

I hope to clear up some confusion for many people.When a user has a developer account, should they turn Test mode ON?Payment Gateway API URL =


Transaction cost using Solved

Hello, I am thinking of using the SIM to perform transactions. What is the cost per transaction, I thought paypal is 6% what Thanks,Garyc