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CIM hosted form is disabled!!

I am using a CIM hosted form via iframe and although it works fine for most users, I have had some users report that the form is all grayed out! As per the screenshot it seems to be a css overlay issue making the form accessible. 


Anyone seen this or know how to fix it??



I am using CIM hosted form in iframe popup and experiencing a bunch of problems.

When using it with my test account it worked fine, but my live account seems to have issues.

Specifically as follows:


1) I have no way of controllling which fields on the form are required. In my management pages if I specify certain fields are required this only affects what is allowed when processing payment but i cant force users to specify a billing address when adding a payment. My test account does not have this issue - it always requires a billing address.

2) They are able to enter any billing address and there seems to be no validation performed on the address when they enter the information??

3) In some cases my users have reported that the iframe popup modal doesnt display properly and although they can see the form its grayed out and they cant edit anything.


Can anyone help out - is there any way to control the behaviour of this form?



To answer your questions:
1) When using liveMode validation the billing address and zip code will generally be required. However, the specifics of this depend on the card type and your AVS settings. The $0 transactions that we perform for Visa cards on most processors cannot succeed without a street address and zip code.

You can make these fields required for all API driven transactions (including CIM), by setting them as required in the Payment Form Fields settings of your account.

2) The address will be verified as long as it is submitted. You can control the strictness of the AVS verification in your account settings. By default, we allow a transaction as long as either the street address or zip code can be matched.

3) It appears that the popup/iFrame is being rendered on your site behind the semi-transparent grey box that is used to dim the rest of the site. This would explain why your users are unable to interact with the form, since they would actually be clicking only on this grey box. You will want to check the html rendering order on your site to insure that the lightbox is rendered on top of the grey.
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