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Single payment to multiple merchant accounts?

Hello, I have a situation where a utility company is accepting payments on their website. They want to add a third-party processing fee to each payment, and that third-party processing fee needs to go to a different merchant. For example, let's say a customer is paying their water bill, which is $25. A third-party processing fee of $2 will be added, making the total payment $27. However, the $2 needs to go to the third-party service provider, while the $25 should go to the utility company. Is there a way to do this with, and specifically with the Server Integration Method (SIM)? 


Nope. The $ will only go to one merchant account.


Thanks for the reply. Just curious, but are there any workarounds for this with For example, I suppose if you were using the regular transaction API, you could simply run two separate transactions for the different mounts using the same card against multiple accounts. Of course, I'm using the SIM method to stay out of PCI PA-DSS scope, so that wouldn't work for me, but I'm just curious how others are handling these scenarios with 

ACH, as your example, the water dept would write a check to the 3rd party.