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CIM "Payment Profile" ID And CVV Issue?


I generate a CIM "payment profile" ID for each customer on my website to make it easier to process payments. 


However, lately I've been running into issues with certain cards that won't be approved unless the CVV number is entered again.  But since I don't save any of this information on my website and rely on the CIM "payment profile" to charge the customer I keep on receiving declined responses for these customers.


Using the API, is there a way I can just ask for the CVV number only and use it with the existing CIM "payment profile" I have saved just to generate a successful authorization?


Thank you!


The CVV is not saved on the CIM, it only use for validation during the create payment profile.



If you save the CIM using the CVV as validation, does it improve the chance that the card issuer will not decline? For example, when using a CIM profile to process the credit card transaction, does it somehow indicate to the issuer that "I am not providing you the CVV, however, I was created using a CVV"? We have clients recently getting declines not by authorize but by the card issuer and upon the decline notice it says Card Status: Not Applicable. Transactions going through that are approved (i.e., not from a CIM profile, but by supplying the credit card with CVV) have the CVV status=Matched. 


I think - but I have not been able to verify this - that Card Issuers (even though the merchant's account setting at Authorize may not require CVV) are declining transactions that do not provide the CVV. 

Wondering if you ever got a definitive response on this one... We are looking to create a similar setup, but suspected that after validating the payment profile with the CVV, the lack of a CVV for future transactions (some will be as long as 6-8 months later) could be a problem. It seems a bit of a catch 22, given that we are not supposed to save the CVV after the card info has been validated.