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Recorded Developer Webinars Pinned

Please find the links of our recorded developer Webinars Simplify PCI Compliance with Authorize.Net Accept Learn about Authorize.Net API Integration with OAuth 2.0 Creating Automated Workflows Using Authorize.Net Webhooks Thanks Anurag


API / Features documentation Pinned

Use the features you want to build the payment solution you need. You'll be up and running in minutes. Features : SDKS : API reference :


Use Try It Tab for testing APIs on sandbox Pinned

You can test APIs from our Try it Tab in API reference on sandbox without signup Click on the Try it tab and click send .


Use Testing Guide for Specific Transaction Responses Pinned

Using the Testing Guide, developers can trigger specific transaction responses in the sandbox including approvals, declines, errors, as well as AVS and Card Code responses. If you have questions or comments, please use this thread.

Apple Pay must be used through App? Solved

I am trying to see if I can integrate Apple Pay into my web-based payment system. Currently to process a swiped credit card, I use a USB magnetic reader which inputs data into an HTML form, and I submit the data through my server to I ...

Getting error message on Drupal Commerce Recurring Framework

Getting error message on Drupal Commerce Recurring Framework.On the checkout page I keep getting this after entering billing information:Erorr:We received the following error processing your card. Please enter your information again or try a differen...


Basic web.config file content

Hello, I successfully executed the SIM example from your sample download code. To integrate that API into an existing site, do I simply merge the sections of the sample web.config files into the existing site's web.config? Thanks. Best Regard...


Ebay Integration - Help!

I'm trying to add our account to our eBay store so that we can stop accepting PayPal. I have gone through the setup process on eBay and keep getting the same error (photo attached):Sorry, this page is not available at this time.Please r...


eCheck and types of bank accounts

Hi, We set up and are testing electronic testing. We are using SIM to send customers to Authorize web site and input the account and routing number on the hosted form there. On the hosted form is a drop-down for the type of account - personal checkin...

PRIOR_AUTH_CAPTURE with an amount of 0

Hi, I have a question regarding pre-auth/capture.If I send a transaction with x_type=PRIOR_AUTH_CAPTURE and n specified amount of 0 (x_amount=0.0) will it complete the authorized transaction with the original amount or will the payment be completed w...

Invoice Number response value for Void transactions

What value is returned for the 'Invoice' field (#8) for voids? It appears to be the original transactions invoice number. Is this correct? Is this new behavior? I have logic that populated this field on input and expecting output to be the same...


How do I receive authorization confimation in real time? Solved

Hi, I am new to this process, meaning my question is pretty basic. Objective: To have a payment processed, and receive real time approval at the website to allow the user to be forwarded to a download page for what has been purchased. It may be that ...

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eCheck Settlement and money transfer Solved

I have a few questions regarding eChecks that I need to answer for my client. So I know that eCheck transactions are not settled for the Sandbox account I setup. But I understand that in the production environemnt, all eCheck transactions will be set...

Sandbox - Error Connecting to

I am having trouble with connecting to the Sandbox. I recently upgraded to OSX Yosemite from Mavericks. I installed PHP 5.5.14 from BREW. I have CURL installed and working. Here is the PHP code that I am using. Here is the transaction output and resp...

Android Sample App - Password Incorrect Locked

I'm not sure if this the right place to get help... please forgive.... i've setup the Android Sample Application, but i cannot log in, i keep getting "This password is incorrect" yet i can login without problem on the sandbox site. what gives? is the...

CIM Help: GetCustomerPaymentProfileResponseType Solved

Hello Community, This is my first post here so bear with me. In the Documentation for CIM, the GetCustomerPaymentProfileResponseType has an object within paymentProfile called "creditcard". In my .net application, I have a web reference to: https://a...

Refunding without a transaction ID Solved

Is this possible? If I have a transaction submitted, but I want to credit a customer in a seaprate transaction, can it be done? Or do I always need to credit against a previous transaction id? Thanks.


POODLE Internet Security Issue

Thread for follow-up questions related to POODLE blog post at


ARB C# E00035 - The subscription cannot be found

I'm working on a C# ARB integration in Sandbox.I am getting "Error processing request: E00035 - The subscription cannot be found." when trying to run the following: SubscriptionGateway target = new SubscriptionGateway( _apiLogin, _transactionKey ); t...

Merchant Info on Credit Card Statement

After a settlement, when Customer gets his credit card statement it shows the amount charged along with few additional details such as Company Name, Company Phone Number, one liner etc which identifies who charged. Is this additional details sent by ...


ARB History in C# .net

I'm having trouble figuring out how to request a history of ARB transactions by a particular customer identification. I'm currently working in Sandbox. I believe I may need to work with ARBGetSubscriptionListRequest , or getSettledBatchListRequest. I...

Need help in ARB integration using Java SDK

Hello All, I am trying to integrate the ARB service into my application. I don't have any clue on how to start using Java SDK.Is there any tutorial for ARB integration using Java SDK? Thanks!

Not seeing transactions reported in sandbox Solved

Doing testing in the sandbox for the poodle problem. I have submitted two Visa purchases and one AmEx purchase without any errors or odd messages appearing, and I receive the appropriate receipt emails for each transaction. But nothing at all shows u...

Issue in creating customer payment profile (CIM)

I have integrated CIM for storing payment details. Sometimes it successfully creates CustomerProfileID & CustomerPaymentProfileID but sometimes it only creates CustomerProfileID and gives error for CustomerPaymentProfileID (Errorcode: E00001, E00027)...

Issue To Create Payment Profile ** SandBox **

I have getting issue to create Payment profile on Sandbox, getting following error "Error E00001 An error occurred during processing. Please try again." Please let me know any issue in sandbox Response ErrorE00001An error occurred during processing. ...


I cannot create sandbox account

Hi all, I cannot create my Sandbox account. After I hit 'Submit', i'm redirected to a page saying: Form Errors An error occurred during processing. Please try again. Error creating test account

Need a sanity check for PHP / cURL solution (b/c of POODLE)

Since the sandbox ( now has SSLv3 disabled, I figured it was a good time to test against it, to ensure we're ready for Nov 4.We're using homegrown PHP/cURL solution since this was written before the SDK...

DPM with CIM

Hi, I want to process the payments for customers repeatedly with out PCI compliance issues, I feel CIM is the option for me. How ever I don't like the CIM non customizable hosted option. So tried with DPM (sandbox account), created initial payment us...


DPM payment relay response fails when third-party cookies are blocked Solved

My PHP implementation of DPM is nearly complete. Relay response, however, fails when the browser blocks third-party cookies. My test server is using a temporary domain with a self-signed SSL certificate. I'll be updating DNS and purchasing an SSL cer...


need to enable all device before payment.

hello i am a iphone developer, i am integrating payment system for my application where i will accept payments from my users which are members of my app. right now i am facing problem that i had to enable device manually before make a p...

newbie security question

I *just* inherited the support of a web site (c# 4.0) that uses the authorizenet.dll for credit card transactions. I was asked if the method of secure communication used is SSLv3. I'm new to SSL and other encryption methods, Is it easy to tel...