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CIM stopped working just now -- Authnet outage?

I've had CIM working fine on my site for months, using my sandbox account and the php/javascript sample code at

This morning I was getting "An error occurred during processing. Please try again." when trying to add a new payment method or edit an existing payment method using CIM.  Charges to existing payment methods worked fine, so it was not a network issue on my end.  No changes to my authnet-facing code.  Then after a few minutes suddenly the add/edit functions started working again (no changes to my code at all).  That happened around 8:55am pacific time 3/1/14.  But now at 9:10am, it's broken again.  Is there a known problem going on?

Do these types of outages happen often?  Is there a blog that monitors such outages?  I am currently in development mode, but I am concerned that customers might see this error when I go live.  Even if it's just for an hour, I as a dev might not notice it, but my customers surely will.


Update: as of 9:35am, the add/edit CIM functions are working again.  So I am almost completely certain this was (is?) a problem on's servers.  Does anyone know what happened (or is happening, if it is still an ongoing issue)?


Are you experiencing this in your live production account or in the sandbox?



I'm seeing this problem in the sandbox.


Yesterday 3/1 at about 3:30pm pacific time it was down again.  This morning 3/2 at 6AM it's working again.