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CIM void return question?


If using CIM, I create a payment profile id and transact an approved sale to that profile id. Then I delete the Payment Profile Id from the vault.  Can I do a return on this card via CIM without the payment profile id being in the vault? If so how?  Can I do a return via my merchant account? If so how? Thanks! What information do I need for either of these two ways of returning?


Hi frisbee,


You cannot perform a refund via CIM once you've deleted the profile associated with the original transaction. Since it is the inherent purpose of CIM to store your customer payment data for future use, I'm not sure why you would prefer to delete it once you've processed a transaction, although you are free to do so if you would like. It would seem to be simpler for you to use the AIM or SIM one-time, real-time processing method instead of CIM if you do not plan on storing your customer payment data for any longer than it would take to charge them.


With that said, if you no longer have the CIM profile stored in your account, and need to refund your customer for a payment processed via CIM API, you can use the merchant interface to locate the transaction and refund it manually or you can store the transaction details locally on your server to submit an AIM POST to refund the transaction, as long as you have all of the minimum required fields stored to do so.



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In most cases we are storing CC in vault but some of our customers have a few one time customers each day that they use a general cash account to record their sale.  I just wanted to be sure if they made a mistake on one of these transactions that they could at least use the merchant interface to make corrections without the credit card number. In the CIM Interface there is a return for a non CIM transaction.  Could I use this return money on a non valted CIM transaction with the last 4 CC numbers? 

If the CIM profile has been deleted you cannot use CIM to refund a previous transaction. You would need to use AIM API to refund it or manually refund it in your merchant interface after the profile has been deleted.



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What if the credit card information has been updated on the profile but the profile still exists?  Will the credit be applied to the original card or will it fail?

A standard refund can only be issued using the same card number, so you will encounter an error if attempting to issue a refund with an updated profile.

 Hi Sir ,

There are two scenerios 


1)   As per our requirement ,First I need to  authorize 100 usd after that capture 90 usd and after that void 10 usd .

      Is this  possible or not?


2)  First we authorize 200 usd and after that we void the authorized transaction  then we capture 100 usd.



Please let me know

Regards Manish

1)Don't need to, you can only do 1 capture for 1 authorize transaction. That mean once it is capture, it will not hold any leftover($10).


2)Once you void the transaction, you cannot do anything more with it.

Hi Sir,


For AuthorizeNet only I've done single authorization of order amount and then multiple captures for all order items in that order. So with single authorization multiple captures are supported by passing different invoice id. But now my question is if I've authorized more amount and then capture a lessor amount due to difference in actual sales tax. Then the leftover authorized/blocked amount can be voided? 

So the question is can we do void transaction by specifying the amount after doing capture transaction.

Please revert on this.




you don't need to void the amount.