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CP AIM without track data



I'm finishing up my POS project and i'm looking at all the backup plans. Incase a restaurants card swiper goes out, I would like the ability to allow the waiter to manually key in the card information for the transaction.


Is this possible with the CP AIM method? - I noticed in the API you can provide just the card/ experation, but will it go through?


How would you recommend to do this?


Also, can you process CNP payments on a CP payment gateway, or would I need two gateways per customer?


Thank you so much for your time!


Jon Sheppard


CP just means you have the card in hand. There's no reason why you can't be entering the card data manually, in fact many commonly-used swipers just translate the track data to simulated keyboard typing. The CP documentation says you can submit with just card number and expiration date, though your rate for that transaction may be downgraded to the regular CNP rate if you pass that way instead of as track1 or track2, so you obviously want to swipe if you can.


Awesome! Thanks for the response!


In addition, can you run CNP transactions on a CP payment gateway? Technically, it should default to a CNP transaction if it isn't track data, right? 


Thanks again, I really appreciate it!

Technically you can, but if the card isn't actually in your hand, as in if the order is being placed via a web site or something like that, you should be processing via a CNP account. CP accounts assume lower levels of fraud, since you can see the person holding the card, and therefore offer better credit card rates. The different rates for track vs manual entry are to motivate people to submit track data, not to make it ok to run web site transactions through the same account.


However, I would guess that you can associate both your CP and CNP accounts with the same merchant account, so you may only need one merchant account.

Got it,


Thank you very much TJPride, I really appeciate it!