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CVV Not working



I'm a new member and I'm working on setting up my shopping cart.  An customer support  representative suggested I read/post questions here.


I can not get my CVV to work properly.  At this time I've made three transaction which I do see in my unsettled report.  But when I use my credit card and I do not put in my CCV number (or use the wrong number) the transaction still processes.  I was asked if I receive an error message, which I do not. I want to make sure that the CVV is working  properly.  What steps would you recommend I take?


I looked at my add-on module (version Id: authorizenet.php,v 1.4 2004/03/05 00:36:42 ccwjr Exp) and I have enabled the last option which is:


"Enable CCV code
Do you want to enable ccv code checking?



I have it set to "True".  But the card will still process without the number.


Thank you,



See this post for how to trigger specific responses in the developer account.

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Hi Datoad, John,


I am using SIM method and think I understand the various arguments for not auto declining wrong CCV or AVS entries.  Datoad, the confirmation page you reference in your solution, is this something that I can apply to my final check out via SIM?  My checkout goes currently redirects to a Receipt Page via Relay Receipt.  If I can go to a confirmation page that checks, authenticates and alerts a "declined card,"  would be a great solution.  Otherwise, from a user perspective, if a card is declined after a "Thanks for your order page."  I will either have to redirect them back to the shopping cart or send an email saying that the card was declined, please re-enter." 


Any help is much appreciated. 



Hi there,


I'm using CIM method for adding new card to Authorize profile and realized that CVV verification in live mode doesn't work then I try to add new card with wrong CVV code.

But in the same time CVV verification works for the same card for AIM method transaction.

Please let me know how to make work CVV verification in live mode for CIM service?


Thank you

Have you compared the validationDirectResponse to what you are receiving for an equivalent AIM transaction?  For a livemode validation in which the card code was entered, it should definitely be validating the card code in accordance to your account settings.

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