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CVV response always return "P" when i kept CCV filter on

I am using sandbox account in live mode. Below are issues i am facing:


1. I have kept CCV filter enabled in sandbox account. For card code 'P' decline is selected. Whenever i try to create new subscription with one real time transaction it always return 'P' and my real time time transaction gets failed which is getting fired before subscription. I am always allowing 'Y' card code. Why it always return 'P' when cvv filter selected though i am sending 900 as card code.

2. Whenever my address or cvv is wrong transaction error does not specifically tell's issue, it just says transaction has been decliened, i am facing issue in  showing error to user  as otherwise i am dependent on transaction error to show specific error to client, but in cvv or address issue i have to change way, is there any suggesstion to handle this?

3. Please let me know combination of card code and address failure both at same time in testing, i am not able to generate such combination using testing guide.