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Unit vs integration tests under limited time?

Hi! We're working on a pretty large app, and have barely enough time to finish the features, with no way to get more time for this project.

Because of this limited time, we haven't been doing any testing (apart from acceptance tests). At the moment, we're trying to reconsider this and choose our approach for the nearest future. There are basically 4 options:

  • No testing, continue working on features only and fix bugs as they appear. I don't really like this option. While we don't encounter too many bugs (a strict type system helps a lot), and it may be possible to successfully finish this project without any testing, I feel very unsafe as a developer modifying code knowing that it may break something and I won't know about it.

  • Unit test single functions, no integration tests.

  • Integration tests without unit tests.

  • Somehow balance unit/integration tests (but this means we'll have less coverage because of limited time).

Which option do you think would work best on the scale of 3-4 months?

Any advice is appreciated!