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Can CIM be used to get the current expiration date for the customer's credit card

Sorry in advance if this question has been asked and answered -- but I couldn't find it. 


Here is the problem: I am trying to set up a continuity program that will involve automatically shipping goods to customers once every six months.    When customers initially join the continuity program they provide credit card information.  We then use this information to capture subsequent payments when the follow-up orders ship (6, 12, 18 etc months later).   Of course, after some period of time, the expiration dates will become obsolete and will need to be updated in order to capture payments.   Since it is not convenient for customers to do this I am wondering if the CIM can be used to automate getting this information.


In other words: can I query the CIM to get the current expiration date for the customer's credit card we have on file in the CIM?


For example if I use "getCustomerPaymentProfileRequest" several years after the customer joins my continuity program, will the response include the correct current  expiration date?






Hello @beattle


It is not currently possible to obtain the expiration date for a payment profile.  However, other developers have made similar requests.  You can add your vote and comments in our product ideas forum at



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