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Can You Embed an HTML GibHub File on a Webpage



I'm not talking about embedding the code so that other people can read it; this seems to be what every help document online explains how to do using Gist. I'm trying to embed the code from an HTML document onto a webpage so that the code renders. Ideally, I'd like to be able to do this using a simple <script></script> embed. I've already spent hours searching for a solution but I'm either using the wrong keywords or this isn't possible.

Thanks in advance!


Ok so normally a unit test requires data which you fetch through some other interface. Mocking basically builds a fake interface which doesn't actually talk to your database

Best of all you, know GitHub is a reputable company that is not going anywhere, so your code should remain online indefinitely. Embedding a gist into your website requires you to copy and paste the embed <script> tag into your web-page. The embed script can be found at the top of your gist after creating it




There is a repository on GitHub on which I'm working rn, my task is to add Bootstrap to it, I made the changes in the code and linked the Bootstrap in my machine, but will it work if I push the same code? My doubt is how will the the person be able to view what changes I have made? Won't he be able to just see the changes in code and not changes in the website.

You can use GitHub Pages (look up a tutorial) to quickly serve a static website for free directly from a GitHub repo. If you buy a domain name you can even configure GH Pages to use that. If you need any server-side logic you won't be able to use GH Pages. Consider using a free tier Google Cloud Platform Compute chatrandom Engine with a LAMP stack echatspin azar or similar.