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Authorize.Net API questions and help with your payment integration.

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Recorded Developer Webinars Pinned

Please find the links of our recorded developer Webinars Simplify PCI Compliance with Authorize.Net Accept Learn about Authorize.Net API Integration with OAuth 2.0 Creating Automated Workflows Using Authorize.Net Webhooks Thanks Anurag


API / Features documentation Pinned

Use the features you want to build the payment solution you need. You'll be up and running in minutes. Features : SDKS : API reference :


Use Try It Tab for testing APIs on sandbox Pinned

You can test APIs from our Try it Tab in API reference on sandbox without signup Click on the Try it tab and click send .


Use Testing Guide for Specific Transaction Responses Pinned

Using the Testing Guide, developers can trigger specific transaction responses in the sandbox including approvals, declines, errors, as well as AVS and Card Code responses. If you have questions or comments, please use this thread.

Partial refund error

Hello,I am trying to sent partial refund but get error code 5 "A valid amount is required." $creditCard = new AnetAPI\CreditCardType(); $creditCard->setCardNumber($lastFourDigits); $creditCard->setExpirationDate("XXXX"); $paymentOne = new AnetAPI\Pay...

C# web page load testing/pinging tools

Does there exist open source tools for testing web page loading? Ideally I would like to "ping" my corporate intranet webpages at given intervals to monitor load times and verify that the page still loads. Especially I do not quite trust the VM serve...

Looking for a better API testing tool than Postman

I've been using Postman to do my API testing. I like it generally as it's UI is ok and it's free. However, as I've gone on using it, it's become increasingly slow - not just starting up and sending requests, but also navigating the UI. I've checked m...

Getting Test Subscription with ARBGetSubscriptionListController

Hi, I am calling:controller = ARBGetSubscriptionListController(request)controller.setenvironment(constants.PRODUCTION)controller.execute()But this is returning non production subscriptions even though I am using my prod credentials. Why is this?


Possibly autoload.php not updated

Hello! I've updated Authorize sdk-php from zip to 2.0.2 on Bluehost (I can't use Composer). I'm running into this error: [26-May-2021 15:50:57 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'net\authorize\util\Mapper' not found in /home3/lincomn7/public...

Can't Get Past Login Screen on Accept Sample App

I have run the accept sample app from Gihub but I can never get past the login screen. I replaced all of the default credentials in the app that I could find with my own and created a test customer profile in my sandbox account but it still won't adv...

There is any way of changing or ignore https connection required

Hello. Im using ionic framework and i want to integrate Accept.js in my app. The problem here is that ionic ios app has as scheme httpsionic:// and not https, so when i try to make any request to Accept.js it return the HTTPS connection required erro...

Null Pinter Exception is coming in response

User is getting an error while the transaction we have checked in our internal code there is an error in HTTP response. here is the code Http h = new Http();HttpRequest req = new HttpRequest();req.setMethod('POST');system.debug('TestE'+auto.endPoint_...


setting of multiple payment ways.

Hello, I have a online store of Greenhouse Management software. I want to add multiple ways of getting payments. Because I get payments from different ways.Kindly, help me to add this.Thanks in advance.

Unable to completely uninstall MySQL

So recently I wanted to uninstall and install MySQL, so I did that and downloaded MySQL several times and deleted several times but for some reason there's a MySQL connector Net file that isn't getting completely delete and I think that's causing me ...

What do you use for testing Web API?

I want to test my API (automated) through executing https requests , passing different inputs and evaluating responses while also being able to mock data if the requestor(user-agent) is this api test client. Does a tool like this exist? How do you do...

ServiceNow Discovery Training

ServiceNow discovery training objective is to make an aspirant learn about the IT CMDB solution for businesses. CMDB Servicenow discovery came with the IT solution for businesses to manage infrastructure changes and diagnose problems. It is a rare an...

Top 5 SAP Tips to work efficiently

In this series, I would like to present a bunch of quick 20 Tips related to FI/CO/AA that may come handy to you. I can't claim you will find all of them to be new, but there will be something for everyone, to a great extent and also we can learn by S...


Rate limit to createCustomerPaymentProfile API

Hi there, Recently I've been seeing this error very frequently in our integration tests: Thu, 20 May 2021 08:48:39 -0700 ERROR : [_sendRequest] (.../vendor/authorizenet/authorizenet/lib/net/authorize/util/HttpClient.php : 106) - CURL ERROR: Failed to...


The sandbox is experiencing technical difficulties.

I've tryied several browsersbrowser console:GET 451 Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined at activityi;dc_pre=CJG75Pf61PACFZeIhQodITUNSQ;src=8169240;type=landi0;cat=cyber003;ord=9488945931354;gtm=2wg5c1;auiddc=1124...

API testing tips?

So my team went over our latest project today, and we're building the APIs for a mobile app (mobile app itself will be outsourced). I've never tested this sort of thing before, so any tips to help with the testing would be much appreciated!Some notes...


Can I change the font to my liking in animeflix, how do I install it?Thank you!

Missing or Invalid Token and multiple charges using Accept Hosted

Not sure where to start here but will describe the environment and then the issue our customer is experiencing.The integration/gateway method we are using is Accept Hosted and the environment is a Windows 2012R2 server with a Classic ASP eCommerce so...

Issue of "unable to load assembly AuthorizeNet.XmlSerializers"

My code something like this, my ide is vs 2019 and framework is 4.6.1, anything wrong and how to fix this?? ApiOperationBase.RunEnvironment = AuthorizeNet.Environment.SANDBOX; (May I use PRODUCTION instead???)// define the merchant information (authe...


May I use rest api in flutter app?

I’m working on a small flutter mobile app for the us market. May I use rest api? It looks much easier for me, rather than creating own plugin for ios and android SDK. I would like to use:Apple PayGoogle payCredit cardsE-check Payments.Would it have a...