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Can't create a test account

I've tried to create a test account multiple times in different browsers. I keep getting the error message "Error creating test account" and nothing else. What's up?


I look like the test server is down.


Too bad, hope they fix it soon.


I was able to create an account in that a confirmation email was sent with a Gateway ID, links, etc.; though the final post-submit screen was blank with a 500 error (IE server down). However my login credentials won't work which I assume is part of the same problem... (calling the help number in this case is a rather Kafka-esque study in frustration - the number appears with a failed login, you call it, choose the menu item for help with failed login/forgotten credentials and it simply gives you the URL to login that you started with, wash rinse repeat :banghead: ).



same problem here

I have been experiencing the same problem since Friday 2-1-2013.
I contacted support at one point and they told me they could not help me since it is "just the test environment" and that they have no access to anything there.
They recommended that I create a new account. I have attempted to create five of them so far since Friday...all with the same results.

Are you still experiencing this problem?



Thanks for your post/reminder.


I just re-tried a new account setup (Friday February 8, 9:00 pm EST) and lo and behold it worked! Got my API & trans keys. Tried my new creds at and I'm in. :)



I've tried several times to create a sandbox account and get the same error message; 


Form Errors
  • An error occurred during processing. Please try again.
  • Error creating test account

Please return to the form and correct the errors.

 I've entered in a username that is 10 characters - using both numbers and letters and no special characters.   Password does not include username and has the required length and character requirements.  No matter what i do, from different browsers and different username/password combos i cannot create an account.   How can i create an account?