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Can unsettled transaction fails during settlement?



I am new to API,


I want to implement using DPM or SIM or AIM method. To process the transaction say I logged to
Hence it logged as the unsettled transaction.


Is there any chance of failing this unsettled transaction during settlement?

If so I should wait the response through silent post after the settlement of the transaction to update the payment details.


Please let me know whether I should consider the transaction done after logging as the unsettled transaction or need to wait for the silent post response.


Thanks in advance :)





Hi rajanikantb,


The transactions result cannot change at the time of settlement. There is a small chance of a batch failure, which would fail all transactions for the day. Generally, this is only caused by a problem at your merchant account. It is not something to be monitored for at the individual transaction level.




Administrator Administrator

Hi rajanikantb,


You do need to wait for the Silent Post to confirm the transation has been processed successfully.  I have a system set up for a client where we either use AIM or ARB depending on the customer selection.  I have had fake credit cards go through (I know because I put the transaction through expecting a failure) and only get notified about the resultant failure once has actually processed the transaction, which is the next day, and then my system is notified via Silent Post and our database is updated.  So you can see it can not be relied upon to get instantaneous results which a membership site or digitial download site would need.




Hi Joy,

Thanks for the response. So I believe if I do not have problem at my merchant account then the transaction not going to fail.


One more question came to my mind. You talked about "problem at merchant account" here.
I am not being sure over here, what are the problem that a merchant account can have which cause transaction failure.
Please elaborate more.

Thanks in advance :)




Hi Jill,

Thanks for your response.


For AIM:

Does AIM accepts fake creadit card? I do not think so. If you can check the below link


Say I used  AUTH_CAPTURE or AUTH_ONLY transaction type when logging new transactions.

AUTH_CAPTURE: Here it authorizes the transaction(I think this is card authorization) and holds the amount at customer's bank.

AUTH_ONLY: Here it authorizes the card details.


If I used the above two methods, then when adding new transactions will the accept fake creadit card?
If yes please explain how.

For ARB we should use silent post to track the transaction settlement response as because:

1. There might be possiblity that the customer lost the card later after the merchant site logged for transaction so later the customer closed the card.
2. There may be a possibility that after few installments the creadit card get expired so future transactions cannot be done using the same credit card.

These are some cases that came to my mind.

Please let me know if there could be some other reason. 


Jill please let me know your thought over here. Also correct me if you feel I am wrong.

Thanks in advanve :)




Hello @rajanikantb 


When testing transactions, the sandbox will accept test card numbers that pass the LUHN check.  It will also accept any expiration date in the future.


And yes, it is possible for a card to expire after one or more transactions of an ARB subscription.  In this case you will receive a silent post with the error and the subscription will move into a suspended state.