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How to test eCheck transactions end to end as it would happen in live account?

I am not having problems submitting ACH (eCheck) requests (figured out the routing number issue) but I am having problems figuring out how I am supposed to test the ACH process end to end.  From what I have figured out, ACH (eCheck) requests should always return a response code of 4 (This transaction is being held for review) because ACH requires being batched and processed at banks with a turn time of 2 to 7 days.  So I cannot indicate in my system that this request is successful until I query the settled batches and compare Transaction Id's from the batches against the transaction Id returned from the ACH request and seeing how that transaction ultimately turned out (which can include denied).


Sand-box accounts do not allow any of this, they just return a response code of 1 (approved) or 3 (error) and they do not process (even in a simulated way) batch processing and thus there are never any settled batches containing ACH (eCheck) transactions.  How am I to test my nightly batch processing?  The only suggestion I got from the help desk was to run it against a live account.


Anyone else figure out how to do this without using a live account?




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Hello @GlobalDMSACH1 

You are correct that the sandbox does not currently support end to end simulation of eCheck transactions.  We've reported this to the product team for a future update.

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Administrator Administrator

While I am sure that there is no solution for my problem at this time, I cannot accept your reply as a "Solution" for my issue.

Yesterday is history,
tomorrow is a mystery,
but today is a gift,
that is why its called the present