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Cannot creat sandbox account

I get the following error when trying to create an account. There are no errors in the form.


  • An error occurred during processing. Please try again.
  • Error activating test account

Note: There are other posts about this but the answers aren't in the forum for the next person.


Hello @pollyproof12 


We are tracking reports of users unable to create sandbox accounts.


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Administrator Administrator

Running into the same problem here too. What's interesting is I will always get an email saying my sandbox account was created successfully, complete with a payment gateway ID even after getting that error.


The account doesn't actually work though

I have been trying to create a sandbox account with but unable to do so.

I get the following error each time..


  • An error occurred during processing. Please try again.
  • Error activating test account

There are no errors on the form. I have tried creating sandbox account with different id/pwd as well.

Eventhough, I got an error message while creating a sandbox account, I got an email from with new account information. Using the account information from the email, I am not able to login to sandbox account as well.


Please advise,





So, is there no way around this? Looks like its been an ongoing problem, I found a couple other year old posts about it with no solution at all


My developer is trying to setup the partial authroization. If this isn't working is there away to test it without sandbox?


If you've had trouble creating new sandbox accounts, the issue was identified and corrected.  Please create a new sandbox account and let us know if you are successful or are still experiencing problems.



Hi, I got the same problem, while registering got form errors but got mail saying account created successfully and when i try to login it fails. please give me suggestions on how to create sandbox account with out issues Thanks in advance


Its working now

Just now i have created sandbox account


Thanks a lot