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Capture an additional amount without swiping a card (Card-Present method)

In a scenario, where:


1. A customer pays for the food. We swipe the card one time to charge for the food.

2. Then a customer writes a tip of the receipt with his/her signature.


How can I charge the customer for the tip?


Is it possible to capture an additional amount with the transaction id?

(I dont wanna keep the credit card information anywhere).


Or is there any other suggested method?


It is not currently possible to adjust the authorized amount to a larger amount after the transaction has processed. The additional amount would need to be processed again as a new transaction, meaning you would need the full credit card information on hand to submit a new transaction, or you would need to ask the customer to enter in the tip amount prior to authorization.




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I see this thread is over a year old and I wanted to see if there were any updates to this.


I am developing a Restaurant Point of Sale system with similar requirements - a server must be able to 'adjust' a transaction after the card is swiped and given back to the customer to include a tip.  To keep the customer experience the same other restaurants, our clients do not want to ask for the tip first nor hold onto the card until the tip is given.


I see that several point of sale systems integrate with so I am sure it is possible.  'Adjust' may not be the correct word, but I am looking for any solutions that will allow me to do what I am requesting.  This is for card present and I looking at using the AIM integration.


Any responses will be appreciated.  Thanks!

There is something called CIM (Customer information Manager) that lets you set up customer and billing profiles that you can then charge by just passing the ID's and an amount. So you could theoretically set each person up with a profile, bill them initially, then if they offer a tip later, bill them again for that. You'd only need the card info the first time.


AIM requires card info every time, and I don't believe the charge amount can be adjusted after the fact.

Hey Christopher,


There have not been any updates made that would allow you to capture more funds than were authorized, and there probably won't be any updates like that in the near future. You'd want to use any of the other methods that others have found to be useful when dealing with accepting tips.





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Other platforms/gateways that I have dealt with usually offer a way to do a tip adjustment after the fact for industries tend to take tips, but are not typically allowed under the Credit Cards Council to do pre-auths and captures (which includes most non-restaurant service industries).  Is there no plan for something of this nature, or will these service based industries have to either violate the Council or find other platforms?


You had mentioned methods that others have found to deal with tips, but a search of the community forums reveals precious little about dealing with Tips.  Do you have any examples of how people have dealt with tips, aside from a pre-auth/capture system?


Thanks in advance!

-Trevor B

Hi TrevorB,


I do know that some people have methods for implementing tips in a CP environment, but unfortunately, I don't have any actual examples. Your best bet would be to search the community, which it sounds like you've done, and if you're unable to find a solution that works for you, maybe search some other developer forums to see what others have posted.


Hope you find something,



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Anyone have any information on applying tips or updated auth amounts for the restaurant industry?

Restaurants and some other businesses are automatically authorizing Visa 20% - M/C 25% higher than sale amount for tip adjustment without the need of an additional authorization. Make sure to double check this. 


Download card acceptance guidelines for visa merchants.pdf  from Page 12 Zero-Percent Tip. Processor must assign correct MCC, 5812 for Eating Places and Restaurants. Go to search for mcc list, click on Internal Revenue Bulletin August 2, 2004, scroll down, look for restaurants.


Contact merchant account provider for details.