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Card code required

We're currently implementing accept customer forms using an Iframe and our client has recently made it so that the card code is required during checkout. We're continuing to see the error "E00027 Card code required" pop up error when an order is submitted. How should the card code be sent to the issuing bank for verification?


For reference, here's what were sending during the authorization


public function authorize($customerProfileId, $paymentProfileId, $amount, $orderId)
        $authOnly = new AuthorizeNet_Cim_ProfileTransAuthOnlyType();
        $authOnly->customerProfileId = $customerProfileId;
        $authOnly->customerPaymentProfileId = $paymentProfileId;
        $authOnly->amount = $amount;
$authOnly->cardCode = '111' //If cardCode is hardcoded, then authorization works $authOnly->order = array(); $authOnly->order['invoiceNumber'] = $orderId; $trans = array(); $trans['profileTransAuthOnly'] = $authOnly; $_request = new AuthorizeNet_Cim_CreateCustomerProfileTransaction(); $_request->transaction = $trans; $apiMethod = 'CreateCustomerProfileTransaction'; $response = $this->send($apiMethod, $_request);

I don't believe we should be sending the card code through here nor do I think we have the ability to with hosted forms. Is there another way to have the hosted forms send the card code for a transaction?


Bumping for visiblity. Still looking for a resolution to this.


We're currently using the accept hosted forms for payment profiles. There is a CVV field within these forms. Is it possible to use the CVV field in this form for validation when creating an order/transaction?

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