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Card type response returning wrong card type

Hope someone can tell me what this is about. A client tells me that one of their customers got a receipt (generated by my AIM code) that said she had paid with a Visa card when she had actually paid with an American Express card?


Is this name/value pair response unreliable or did some fluke occur? The simplest thing would be to remove card type from the receipt, but I'd rather not if there's another alternative.


Many thanks for an answer.


If that actually happened and the person isn't making a mistake, then there has to be a bug, obviously. Checking card type is as simple as looking at the first number on the card. Do you have an American Express card you can test with?


I don't have an Amex , but I'm pretty sure that I tested with an Amex number when I was developing the page. I'm mainly interested in knowing if this is a known bug, in which case, I'll just remove the card type from the receipt. 

First time I've heard of something like this, and I've been trolling the boards for a long time. I'd say ticket and have them check the card number manually just to make sure, though.