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Characters not allowed in iframe communicator URLs?



I am experimenting with an Accept Hosted embedded iframe integration. I have quirky issues with the hostedPaymentIFrameCommunicatorUrl.


If I set the value to the absolute file path, it works. My applications are however modularized and I want to prevent any users from seeing the underlying folder structure of my client's websites.  So my urls will be in the form of


For receipt and cancel urls, this works no problem. For communicator urls it is preventing the iframe from loading. I see "waiting for" then "waiting for" and nothing happens.


2 questions,


1. Can anyone answer what character in my example url:


Is causing the issue? Is this causing parameterization issues and that's what triggers it? 


2. Assuming I do not use any characters not allowed, are all that matters the url and the resource tied to it?  


The reason I ask is I am thinking about using mod rewrite on my servers configuration to create custom urls.  If I use mod rewrite to change the url of the communicator to or


Would one of these be acceptable and work as long as the server loads the appropriate resource? 

All Star