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Charge based on IPs



We currently have 2 accounts, one for USD charges and one for CAD. Is it possible to integrate these 2 separate accounts with one woocommerce shop to charge customers based on their IPs?


Thanks in advance.




To my knowledge has no such feature in their API. However, you or your programmer could implement something like that. The answer to "is it possible" is almost always yes, the question is how much time (and money) do you want to spend on it. What you would have to do is put a script in your server side code to detect IP addresses and have your form post url be dynamic based on the IP.  

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It would be pretty easy to dynamically populate the appropriate account login based on an IP address. The main functionality would be determining the geolocation based on the IP address. There are a number of free databases and APIs that could help you to archieve your desired functionality. 

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