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Charging the first part of an ARB subscription just partially?

Let's say the customer registers the 15th of a month and I want his subscription to start every 1st of a month now I have the difference of ~15 days which I do no want to charge the customer. Is it possible to set up an ARB with a lower amount of money for the first 15 days? 


I've seen this trial period but the trial period seems to be a complete first payment cycle. So if I would set the start date to 15th of the month it would not charge him the full price until the next month 15th. But I want him to pay 1/2 for the first half month of the subscription and then, when the regular cycle starts, to pay the full amount.


Any way to do this without doing an AIM and ARB call?


If you just want to use ARB only. create 2 subscription.