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Checking if credit card is good

Using CIM, when my site goes live will know if there is enough money on a credit card? Because we fullfill the order and process it later.  I am being asked to verifiy this before we go live. I know the shopping cart uses logic to test the valid card numbers. But what if we process the order a couple days later and the card is no good?

Regular Contributor

You can do auth_only transaction to hold the amount first. Or are you saying you ship your product first then charge them later?


I want to be sure the card is good so when the admin person finishes the sale a few days later it doesn't get declined for whatever reason. They want to be sure that any sale that comes from online, when its sitting in CIM its going to clear.

Regular Contributor

Then you need to do a auth_only transaction to hold that amount from the credit card, that the only way to know if they have enough funds.