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Complete Description Character Encoding Specifications?

I know of the limit to 255 characters from the web documentation, but in the past and again recently this SDK has been throwing exceptions when I Merchant.postTransaction() Orders with Descriptions that contain ampersands (&) or apostrophes (').


The quick brute force solution is usually to just URL Encode this specific description content to get it through the API, but what are the true specs for this data?


Apache Utilities like escapeXML() or escapeJavascript() don't seem to match what this API layer level is expecting.  The in the past I've forked the SDK to change when/where/how it encodes the final POST request, but that isn't a long term solution when people pull in the offical SDK from a repository and trigger this error.


Is there a more technical low level equivalent to

that is a closer match to the Java SDK?




I have this problem too,

Am too facing the same issue from past few days. Hope you guys can sortit out. Thanks and Regards, Alex Parkar.