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Configure merchant admin / configure account admin

We have recieved an email to configure or merchant & account admin log in details.

The email gives us the oranisation ID. We click the link and then put in the oraganisation ID. We then need to put in the contact email which we do (I have tried multiple ones) but each time it says 'No information for new user sgin up was found matching hat your provided. For assistance, contact your administor'

We don't know what we are doing wrong.


Does anyone know where we are going wrong or if there is someone we can talk to about this.


All the best




The primary Admin account was initially set up during the installation, and might contain initial placeholder information or sample data information. The designated owner of this account can personalize the user name and password and update the first name, last name, and email address at any time. Atlas FUSD

This account, a super user with all permissions by default, typically creates the Admin user accounts needed for the business. 


Every type of user is eligible for the user attribute “Verified website owner”. If this label appears next to a user’s name in the “Users” list, it means this user has verified their account’s website and can claim it, or has already claimed it.


Atlas FUSD


If label appears next to a user's name in the "Users" list, it means that user has verified their account's website and can claim it or has already done so.