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Converting from Simple Checkout to Accept Hosted in Wordpress

I have read through all the documentation at to implement Accept Hosted, and all the related threads I could find in this community. Being a novice as a programmer, I'm quite confused and still don't know how to convert my payment buttons in WordPress from Simple Checkout to Accept Hosted.


I have three payment buttons on my web page:

Two are for fixed amounts ($65 and $85), and one is for a variable donation amount as selected by the donor (to Special Olympics Florida). 


I don't need to capture any customer/donor information into a database. All I need is an email notification of the payment from with name and amount, like what I get currently with Simple Checkout.


Here is the coding I currently have in my WordPress page for one of the fixed amount buttons (added to the WordPress page through WordPress Code Editor):

<form action="" method="post" name="PrePage"><span style="color: #ff0000; font-size: medium;"> <input name="LinkId" type="hidden" value="*****"> <input alt="Register for Tampa Bay Charity Tournament w/add-on" height="75" name="I1" src="" type="image" width="150"> <strong>&nbsp; </strong></span><span style="color: #ff0000; font-size: medium;"><strong>$65.00 Entry + $20.00 Charity Add-on, for 10,000 units.</strong>
<strong>(Add-on funds donated to charities.)</strong>

The other two payment buttons are simliar, just different 'value' to correspond to my Simple Checkout settings in


If someone could give me an exact example of the code I need to replace my existing code in the WordPress page for the buttons, and any additional steps I need to do to convert to Accept Hosted, it would be GREATLY appreciated. Please be simple and explicit in the explanation and assume that I know nothing about coding, file locations, etc.


@Renaissance Thank you so much! That's a relief!!



Sure thing. Could you mark this thread as solved? Best of luck. 

If you don't mind, I'd rather wait to see if @ElaineM chimes in to confirm what you said about Simple Checkout before marking this thread solved.

Yep that’s fine. Glad you’re getting it worked out.

Hi pokerxanadu


Yes, it is true that both SIM (Server Integration Method) and Simple Checkout, which both use the legacy Authorize.Net hosted payment form, are deprecated and both are on the docket for end-of-life, there are no set dates when this will occur yet however my suspicion is that it will be sometime later this year. The Upgrade Guide has stated for many years that the SIM hosted payment form users should upgrade to Accept Hosted. I do see a WP Accept Hosted solution on the WP site, although it is for WooCommerce powered sites. 


You may continue using Simple Checkout for as long as it is available to you however. It won't be disabled without notice. Please note that the SIM hosted payment form, and Simple Checkout as a result, do not receive updates for card network mandates, new features and as a reslut may be out of compliance. 





Is there a reason simple checkout isn’t on the list of deprecated products? And what would the merchant have to do when it expires? I

And why is the simple checkout still advertised as a solution on the main page? I know of no other potential EOL product that is offered this way?







I just looked at your code. This is from the WP app in question? That is not simple checkout. That looks like a DPM or AIM integration, and it looks like you are posting raw cc data on your server.

Ok, I see. That is your new plugin. Get rid of that ASAP.

@ElaineM, I think all this poster cares about is that the application works. And it will work until the simple checkout endpoint to post to changes. I do not think that endpoint will ever change, even after the payment form is update. Simple checkout is not an API based integration so I do think that for this users needs it is fine to just do nothing with the app at all. I imagine this is why this solution is still on the main sales page of I am sure they will update the appearance for the hosted form, but as long as the post url doesn’t change it will not impact the app.