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Create CustomerPaymentProfile only after Validating Credit Card

I am implementing CIM but before creating CustomerPaymentProfile, I want to validate the Credit Card using CardNumber,ExpirationDate,CVV. Can any one help me understand which API should I call?


I checked this documentation - - Cardholder Authentication Programs. It says Cardholder authentication is currently supported for AIM transactions only through the Chase Paymentech, FDMS Nashville, Global Payments and TSYS processors for Visa and MasterCard transactions. My question is would I not be able to authenticate Discover/Mastercard? How can I validate Discover/Mastercard?


Thanks in advance,



That different than what you are doing.


When you do your validating, you send an auth_only to validate the credit card, then void it if successful.


Hello @svidyarthi2015


Yes, this is possible using the improved createTransactionRequest functionality.  Just set the parameter to createProfile and if the authorization is successful, the profile data will be returned in the response.  You would then void the transaction.



Hello Richard,


Thanks for your reply. I still have few questions.


1. Do I really need to void the transaction? What if I pass 0 (zero) in the amount field of the CreateTransaction Request? 

2. Will CreateTransaction support all types of credit card?