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Creating a donation form with RSForm


I am trying to create a donation form using RSForm with the Authorize.Net plugin for Joomla. I have the form set up, but when I submit my payment, I get the error "Bill To First Name is required."

I have my First Name field named firstName, so I'm not sure why the information isn't going through.

Can you help?

Thank you!




Hi adellaguardia,


Can you please provide more information here, what type of integration are you performing?




Administrator Administrator

I have a form created on Joomla 3.6.2 using RSForm! Pro with their Authorize.Net plugin. I figured out how to set it all up so it passes information to A.Net, but any time I submit a payment, it says the credit card has expired. I contacted Discover and confirmed the form is trying to submit the credit card with an expiration date of 2016. The month is passing through correctly, but the expiration year is passing 2016. It doesn't matter what the user selects. The correct informaion is being saved to the database, but something somewhere is passing 2016.


PHP Code


Expiration date mapping


Database info saved


Expiration year setup



Are you able to duplicate this in the sandbox, that the expiration year is always set to 2016?



My client's A.Net account isn't set up with Sandbox, so unfortunately I can only test live. Is that something I can set up for them that doesn't affect their account or cost?

A sandbox account is free, you can set one up at



It turns out the way I had my expiration date field set up was incorrect. I had it set like this:

| Year

2016 | 2016

2017 | 2017


But it should be like this:





No spaces and no extra piping

I need to create a internet site for donation, to help the much less priviledged. This can be incorporated with authorize.Net merchant debts so one can permit us acquire donations through credit score cards.What am i able to do now?