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Credit Card Expiration Date Error

I have a rare problem on a live system in some code from an outside developer I hired.  The error message comes back as "Please provide valid expiration year." The expiration date was entered as "10/22".  Here is how it is being formatted. It is being sent with JSON.  What format is expected?

function evaluateFormFields()...
expirationDate = $.trim($("#txtExpirationDate").val()).replace(" / ", "");

function sendCCDataToAnet()...
var ccExpireMonth = expirationDate.substr(0,2);
var ccExpireYear = expirationDate.substr(2,2);


It appears that the code is presuming that the entered expiration date is in the form "MM/YY". The code is only attempting to extract the last two digits of the provided number as the year, despite the error notice indicating that a proper expiration year is expected.

The format used to insert credit card expiration dates is commonly "MM/YYYY," where "MM" stands for "month" and "YYYY" stands for "year." To handle this format and extract the relevant numbers for the month and year, the code needs to be modified.