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Custom Receipt Page Doesn't Apply HTML

Hi, I've read in several places that I can add HTML to the Header and Fooder of the Receipt Page. But when I add something like <b>Bold Text Should be Here</b>, I see the markup on the Receipt Page rather than bold text.


I don't see any option for "Source" or "HTML" in the box where you enter the text...


I must be missing something basic here... What am I doing wrong? 




I'm getting a similar issue, but with the hosted checkout form for SIM. It's just displaying the raw HTML rather than applying the styles sent using the "x_header_html_payment_form" field. It might be the same underlying issue.


My relay-response receipt page still is applying the custom html and styles though.


Here's the link for the other thread.


Thanks andyman... I'm actually talking about the same thing -- the hosted receipt page. I spent two hours trying to figure out what I was doing wrong, as I have just started using Seems it's on their end... Hope they fix this soon.