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Custom description to appear on Credit Card statement

We are lookingn to add a message to each credit card transaction so that we can show a unique message when our customers look at their statement.  The reason is that we are often charging a customer multiple times in a month and for different services.  Then they will often need to pass those charges on to their customers.   So we are looking for a way to include a message that would be meaningful to them that appears on their CC statement.  We were wondering if the "order" information or description, may appear, or if there is / are any fields dedicated for this purpose.





Hi ikrcdeveloper48


This is a question that ultimately you would need to start first with your Merchant Service Provider as they control what is displayed on customer credit card statements, not Authorize.Net, however I can advise at this point that we do not support soft descriptors in a general sense. There are methods in which you may be able to pass specific field data to your Merchant Account for this purpose, however Authorize.Net would not be aware of this field data or its ultimate use. 


For general purposes, using a soft descriptor can also lead to customer (cardholder) confusion and higher chargeback percentages, so please discuss this with your Merchant Service Provider as well. 


I hope this information is helpful. 


Thank you,


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Dear Elaine,


Thank you so much for your response, just to confirm we are speaking about the same item / issue, here is a screenshot showing a sample of a charge from Amazon where the descriptions have some slight differences that appear to be transaction based.  Just wanted to make sure as since we only send data to for the transaction, perhaps what you are saying is that we need the merchant to use the values sent from you to show or pass through for the client statement.






Dear Elaine,


Just wanted to follow up, I'm sure you are busy and I hope you are enjoying the holiday season.