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Customer Information Manager Question....

When using CIM, and we choose the option to store and reuse their credit card number/payment info they entered, do we have to grab it and populate it on the form, or is there a way (which is our first preference) to just pass something that will indicate that we want to use the credit card number on servers but without having to see/touch it at all. (We don't want to have first retrieve the CC# and have it on our end and then resubmit it back.)


Is this possible?


We will definietely be using CIM, but want to allow the user the option of selecting which credit card they want to use. We thought we'd also hide credit cards they'd possibly select (from a pulldown with the last 4 digits) with an expiration date. We could also, just flag the credit card on our server as expired if the transaction gets rejected. (We just wanted to know what options we have.)

Just sort them by the order that they were last updated (this would be something you'd store on your end...) There isn't any mechanism for identifying expired cards, sadly, short of running a transaction against them.