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Customizing the payment form for SIM



I'm sorry for the obvious question, but the search yielded no proper answer.

I'm trying to improve the look&feel for the payment form shown during the SIM method. However, the api manual offers limited possiblities for customization. In particular, the following fields are displayed as plain text input whereas it makes sense for them to be dropdowns:

  • card expiration date
  • country
  • state

Also, all the fields have varying widths, which does not look good (see screenshot) - i'll try to apply some css to that, but my primary concern at the moment are the dropdowns


Is there any way to solve this issue?





Hi Nikolay,


When using the payment gateway hosted payment form, you can also configure the following settings to match the look of your website:


  • The color of the text
  • The color of link text
  • The background color
  • The header text (this can include HTML)
  • The footer text (this can include HTML)

But that's about it. There isn't really a way to make the fields dropdowns like you're requesting. If you'd like that level of customization, you'd need to use the Advanced Integration Method (AIM)





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Thank you for the response.


However, the AIM method would not be pci-compliant, would it? Since the payment form would be hosted on our server.

Actually, AIM is what we have used before, and we are switching to SIM for the sole reason of PCI compliance.


Also, is there a clear FAQ on and PCI anywhere? I'm curious about using an iframe to display the SIM form (as a workaround for the IE8 XSS issue).

Hi again,


Yes, using SIM does alleviate some PCI concerns on your end that you would have to worry about with AIM. But you also sacrifice some customization for that reduced PCI scope. You can also check out DPM, which is kinda a hybrid of the two, but ultimately, you're still going to be responsible for PCI no matter which method you use. How much you're responsible for will just depend on your particular system. 


There isn't a clear FAQ on PCI and Authorize.Net. But we do have a blog about PCI here that you can check out. Hopefully that will help answer some of your questions.





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