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DPM FingerPrint rules for repost after invalid credit card error

I have a question about how to handle a repost for the same transaction in DPM:


Use case is person has entered an invalid credit card (cc) number. The error comes back with the invalid cc error.  User then corrects cc num and enters a valid cc hits submit. What needs to change/remain the same for a repost.


I tried reposting using the following and it works but I'm not sure if this is recommended:

  • login, api transkey, and amount same as previous post
  • fp_sequence is same as previous post
  • fp_timestamp is same as previous post

I also tried changing fp_sequence and fp_timestamp but I received an error saying "This transaction cannot be accepted."


Should I change the fp_timestamp and keep fp_sequence the same as previous post?


What is recommended?




1)DO NOT post the transkey, you use it to generate the x_fp_hash, but do NOT post.

2)The x_fp_hash can only be use once, get a new fp_timestamp and regenerate the x_fp_hash.


>get a new fp_timestamp and regenerate the x_fp_hash

Great thanks!


BTW: I am not posting TransKey, these are only elements for the Fingerprint generation. But thank you for the warning in case another reader misunderstands.