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DPM Form - Separating the Expiry Date into Two Fields?

The DPM form requires the credit card expiry date to be supplied as a single four-digit field.


Best practice would present the end user with two fields - usually dropdown lists containing the month number and the two-digit year number. Being two fields, these would need JavaScript to combine them into a single, hidden field before the form is submitted.


So, is JavaScript to manipulate the form data before submitted the only way to handle this? Or can the DPM form accept separate month and year fields, perhaps an undocumented feature (or I'm just missing it).




-- Jason


Accepted Solutions required it in one field. javascript is the way to do it.

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3 REPLIES 3 required it in one field. javascript is the way to do it.


I've just realised also that the name is in two parts (first name and last name). Most credit card GUI's available to make this a pleasant user experience, take a single "cardholder name" field, and I cannot think of a reliable way to split that up into a guaranteed first name and last name.

You can ask for first and last name on your DPM form.