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DPM Relay response not redirecting to new page with wordpress

Hello Everyone,


I've been searching the boards for a few days and have not found the answer to my problem. I'm hoping someone can help me out.


I'm having trouble redirecting users back to my relay url using the javascript redirect. I'm using Wordpress with this project.


Here is the weird thing, If i use the main post url the form is on, the redirect works fine. But if I use a new page called "transaction results and redirect to that page, the response gets stuck on and the page is broken (no css and ugly). The javascript does not redirect at that point. It's weird. Check out the screenshots.


Using the post url with successful redirect back to main post (Not what I want to do, I want to redirect to a different page)


Broken redirect to new page I would like the response on.


Any help to point me in the right direction would be appreciated.






Are you using absolute path on the javascript redirect?

Use the browser developer net traffic/console to see if there is an error.


IE F12 Developer Tools

Firefox Tools - Web Developer

Chrome Tools - Developer Tools


Yes, the get_permalink() function displays the absolute path.


Chrome developer tools show:

[blocked] The page at '' was loaded over HTTPS, but ran insecure content from '': this content should also be loaded over HTTPS.


But why would it redirect back to the same post url just fine but block the results page?



Look at the page source(web broswer), on your results page, is the javascript redirect there?



After the payment and on the broken results page, no the javascript is not there.

Ok. I think is because it try to do the get_permalink() method on site, which is not supported.


can you just add javascript redirect code right at your page?

But the tranaction doesn't even get that far. It stops before the "transaction-results" page so I cant add the javascript redirect directly to that page.

You said it stop before the "transaction-results", what page is that? blank page with on the url?


Yup! Correct, blank page with on the url.

So the real problem is not getting to the relay response page?

Or you have to list the pages your trying to do because I not picturing it correctly.