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Deferred discount

Hello everyone;

We are currently developing an app, and we are a little bit stuck in regards to the payment feature.


We would like the app to work like that:

  • The customer enters his payment information and validates the payment for « $X or less ». From there, we get a pre-approval to charge this customer up to $X;
  • After couple of hours, our final price is $Y (less or equal to $X). We can charge the customer automatically $Y, WITHOUT any action required from him.


Do you know how to implement this payment feature ? Is any payment processor able to do that ?


Thank you;

@JCP77 API can be used to do that. You’ll have to integrate, meaning it will be your own code combined with Auth.nets SDK. What you will do is do an auth only on the payment, then have an automated capture of the transaction, based on the final price.
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