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Dening Prepaid Debit Cards

Hello, I would like to know what feature or service that has to allow me to not accept prepaid debit cards for my ARB services? I know for a fact some vendors have this capability to determine which cards are prepaid and which ones are non prepaid. Example Netflix offers subscription based services and does not accept prepaid debit cards for business liability and unrecoverable/lost merchandise never returned back to them since there is not way to charge them or track the customer. I they can deny prepaid debit cards even though they have been registered with an name and address online. How can I protect and not accept prepaid debit cards?

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Currently, there is no way in the Authorize.Net system to check if a card is a prepaid debit card or a regular one. As such, there is no way to deny prepaid cards on regular or ARB transactions.





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so what is the best way to process this prepaid debit card ?



Is this to protect you against fraud, or to protect the customer against having their money charged and not given back? If the latter, I'd say just add a note in your charge form stating that all sales are final for prepaid debit cards, and link it to a paragraph or two on your legal page that goes into it in more detail (if necessary). If the former, sounds like there's no way to tell if it's a prepaid debit card or not, so about all you can do is estimate the loss from fraud and add some percentage to your prices to cover it.